Iain Clark (iainjclark) wrote,
Iain Clark

Torchwood in Good Episode Shocker

So who were that competent, well-adjusted bunch of people and what have they done with Torchwood?

Seriously, tonight's BBC2 episode felt like a different series entirely. There was cheerfulness, there was comunication, there was teamwork, and the emo-drama was kept to an almost unnoticeable minimum. Jack was likeable. Tosh and Owen had a sensible adult conversation without coming off like idiots. Anguished hand-wringing was toned down to near-naturalistic levels. Even the constant attempts to beat us over the head with Martha's awesomeness were rendered acceptable by Martha's inherent awesomeness. It was, dare I say it, strangely like someone set out to make an adult version of Doctor Who.

Don't get me wrong: I know it'll all collapse into a morass of angst and recrimination next week.

Tags: doctor who, television, torchwood

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