Iain Clark (iainjclark) wrote,
Iain Clark

The Hobbit 2: The Revenge

Guillermo Del Toro will be filming not one but two Hobbit movies. The first to be based on a book by J.R.R.Tolkien called "The Hobbit". The second... less so. He states:

‘The Hobbit’, the book, is really one self-contained film, so for the second movie we sat down and worked it out. When we did this we got really excited because this second film is not a ‘tag on’, it’s not ‘filler’, it’s an integral part of telling the story of those 50 years of history lost in the narrative. There will be certain things that we will see from the first movie but from a different point of view, but it will feel like a volume, in the 5 volumes of the entire story. It will not feel like a bridge, I’ve been hearing it called ‘a bridge film’, it’s not, it’s an integral chapter of the story, and I think we’re all on the same page.

Which brings up the burning question: what will the second film be called? And burning questions call for polls. snowking has already suggested a few additional names which I've shamelessly tacked on the end.

Poll #1180320 Subtitling the unsubtitle-able

The Hobbit 2:

Back in the Hobbit
Hobbit Forming
Never Say There and Back Again
Hobbit vs. Predator
The Musical
For A Few Hobbits More
They're Baaack!
Hobbits in Space
Abbott and Costello Meet Sauron
Hobbits in Space
Star Wargs
Beorn Again
It's Hobbit-On!
The Ring of Khan
Pie Harder

No you fool it will clearly be called:

This has the added advantage that if they use any of our titles we'll clearly be paid off with a fat settlement.

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