November 23rd, 2005



Having now seen the whole first season of Rome (delivered by Mercury Couriers, delivery service to the gods) I can still heartily recommend the show. Even if your wife isn't obsessed with ancient Rome.

The series is an odd creation: at times high brow, at times sleazy and voyeuristic, but mostly just human. Having edited the first three episodes into two, creating an impression of breakneck pace and non-stop sex, the BBC have reverted to the HBO episodes for the remainder of the season. Which is not to say that the impression left by their hatchet job is misleading... but it does perhaps overbalance the show towards its more sensationalist tendencies and away from the human drama at its core.

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As in Deadwood, the characters are often noble in spite of themselves, or horrid against their nobler instincts. Ultimately it's in those moments that the series manages to rise above tawdry soap-opera and become a little nobler itself.