September 8th, 2009



My latest film watching is here. Wonderfully we've been able to sneak out and see films at the cinema two weekends in a row.

Poll #1454977 Cinemattractions

How did we achieve this miracle? You decide...

By sneaking baby Anna into the cinema in a hold-all
By leaving baby Anna in the charge of our two cats, Pixie and Charcoal, in the style of The Jungle Book
By hiring baby Anna out as a chimney sweep for the afternoon
By leaning heavily on the goodwill of Janet's parents


C to the L to the ICK. And Y.

Anna's been fantastically well-behaved recently, and even slept for five hours straight last night. That's five whole hours of sleep. I know. Also she's just started smiling a little bit, which is a huge psychological breakthrough. She particularly loves it if you imitate her little chirrups and gurgles, which results in a delighted smile. Most of the time she sounds suspiciously like a mogwai, which is slightly worrying since we've been feeding her after midnight.